We are Greg Remy (Ghinzu), Pierre Van Waeyenberge (Navaho & Lazy Sin) and Evrard Veldekens (Mantra Suicide) composers, producers and sound engineers and this is our Mothership.

Greg Remy, born 1976. Multi instrumentalist, fascinated by improvisation, experiments in music, rock and roll and cinema from Billy Wilder to Anders-Thomas Jensen, from Harry Partch to Ty Segall.
Founding member of Brussels based rock band Ghinzu since 2000 (4th album in the making).
- Projects with Theatre National of Brussels.
- Production of various bands and artists.
- Music creation for films, documentaries and ads.

Evrard Veldekens, born in 1987. Started playing music and recording songs at the age of 14.
In 2009, he launched his self produced band Mantra Suicide, a subtle, psychedelic blend of 60s and 80s vibes, from Brian Wilson-esque colorful polyphonic flavors to the bitter-acid edge of Suicide all wrapped up in Spacemen 3 like grooves.
Over the years, Evrard has learnt the art of mixing and recording with a goal in mind: blending soulful, vintage sounds with modern textures made only by today's most advanced synthesizers.

Pierre Van Waeyenberge, born in 1989. Studied video and sound engineering. Fascinated by psychedelic music (Brian Jonestown Massacre, Spacemen 3) and chanson française (Serge Gainsbourg, Bertrand Burgalat, Flavien Berger).
Bass player in Navaho and Lazy Sin. Great lover of cinema and vintage recording tools.

Mothership is the womb of our creations, it is where all ideas, decisions and experiments get laid down to hard disc or tape or phonograph, then processed, mixed, filtered, mashed and smashed to meet the most demanding wishes of our clients.

We hope this visit gives you an idea of the scope and quality of our work.

Thank you for your attention.

We hope to see you later,

Greg, Pierre & Evrard